Those Are Not Pants

A Friendly Public Service Announcement

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Leggings Photo
  1. Skin tight and fitted?
  2. Undergarments are visible?
  3. Found in the intimates area of a store?
  4. Needs to be adjusted after you put them on?

Yes to above? They are leggings

Leggings - those are NOT pants!


Jeggings Photo
  1. Blue coloured leggings?
  2. Denim coloured leggings?
  3. Refer to leggings page

Yes to above? They are jeggings

Jeggings - Those are NOT pants!

Yoga pants?

Yoga Pants Photo
  1. Skin tight and fitted?
  2. Requires crotch centering when putting them on?
  3. Labeled as yoga pants?
  4. Wearing it outside of a yoga studio?

Yes to above? They are "yoga pants"

Yoga Pants - Those are NOT pants!

Bicycle Shorts?

Bicycle Shorts Photo
  1. Skin tight and fitted?
  2. Shows off your junk?
  3. Labeled as bicycle shorts?
  4. Are you NOT riding a bicycle?

Yes to above? They are bicycle shorts

Bicycle shorts - Those are NOT pants!

Man leggings - meggings?

Meggings Photo

Meggings? The answer is NO!

Leggings Advice

Leggings are not pants, but they can be comfortably and fashionably worn under a skirt, long shirt, long sweater or dress. Don't wear them as pants. I repeat, don't wear them as pants. There is a reason why leggings are sold in the intimates/undergarmets section of the store.

Yoga Pants Advice

Yoga pants are great for when you're doing yoga. Not so great for going out in if your yoga pants are extremely tight and the material is sheer enough for the public to see more than they would wish to see. Keep your yoga pants for the yoga studio.

Male Specific Advice

Bicycle shorts: always black and only for training or participating in competitive bike riding. Meggings: just NO it is that simple. In both cases keep in mind nobody wants to see your junk. Nobody.

WTF is this?

This is a light hearted look at the epidemic of people who wear leggings not knowing that they are not pants. The world does not need to see your junk, your visible panty lines, your leopard print thong or your polkadot panties.